What’s Yo’ Beef #39

by Rachel

Its hard to have what’s yo’ beef day when you haven’t had many beefs. Like Shannon’s last post, I’ve just been in a great mood since our trip, and since coming back it’s like I have a whole new outlook on life! I’m not sure why it was this trip and not others, but my priorities have really changed. I have always hated working and never loved my job, but I have really been respecting work a lot more lately, because I know I need it to have more experiences and go on trips. I have been a lot less materialistic because I want to save and I don’t want to spend money on stuff that I’m not going to care about having a year later. I’ve even been watching less TV and on the internet less (I haven’t been on pinterest for two weeks!) because I have been inspired by the people I met and started playing guitar with that time instead. And that’s why I am on such a high still because it has actually made me a better person, according to me.
Now, I actually did come on here to write a backwards beef, when something is so great that it interferes with more great things. Like when you have so many fun plans for the summer, that you are too busy to do other fun things you get invited to because you are already doing something awesome. I just wish there were five of me, and every week we would have a meeting about how much fun we each had.


I’m really digging that 5 clone comment and just having a status meeting with each other once a week. I’m all for it!

My beef is similar to Rachel’s right now, in that I want more time. Mainly, I’ve been feeling more creative lately (also a trip side effect), and have been writing short stories and drawing more. And like Rachel, I really want to keep this up, but I just don’t have the time.

As a secondary beef to that, I’m moving in a month, and I stupidly packed all my craft supplies already, so that’s a real bitch.