What’s Yo Beef #32

by Shannon


Dude, hasn’t life been just wicked awesome lately? So awesome, that I’m finding it a bit tough to think of beefs. Actually, I guess my one beef kind of comes out of this.

See, I’ve been having just a shit tonne of fun lately. And I feel like I have no one to share it with! I’m not really into phone calls, and sometimes texting or facebook doesn’t do a fantastic story justice, especially since I’m one for details. And really, I just don’t see friends in person enough to get it all out, because something wonderful happens every day, and we are all busy.

Wait, what is this beef even about? Uhhhh me not being a phone person? Not living in a  12-person dorm with all of my closest friends? The last one! Not living with all your friends so you can tell them everything all the time. Come on!


Well, I did have a great Good Friday, hence What’s Yo’ Beef being on Saturday this week… But it was one heck of a Monday to Thursday. I have some SERIOUS tax pain guys… Like couldn’t even sit on my couch tax pain. Those commercials aren’t lying, it’s real and there’s not much you can do about it but wait it out. I could keep going on for ages, but taxes man, COME ON!