What’s Yo’ Beef #31

by Rachel

First of all, apologies for lack of posts lately… It’s like how-to writers block up in here. Secondly, our beefs.

My beef this week is poor kijiji etiquette. It really grinds my gears when you email inquiring about something and no one EVER emails you back! Even if the piece is gone how difficult is it to write back ‘Sorry, its already sold’. Writing that right there took about 3 seconds. People don’t have an extra 3 seconds to be courteous to someone trying to help them out by buying their shit? On top of this, their ad will still be on kijiji! And its like, is it still available or did you forget to take it off? Also, if you don’t have a smart phone with your email on it, leave a phone number. Honestly. It is such a great website when used responsibly and respectfully, so lets have a little more courtesy kijiji world. Poor kijiji etiquette… COME ON!


In honour of the Blue Jays home opener tonight, my beef is when you’re at a sporting event, and just really jamming to one of the songs playing, getting right into it. Then, the actual game has to start, and they stop playing the song, often right before the good part. Dude, I was listening to that! Why can’t they just play the music throughout the whole game?! It would really make the whole thing a lot more interesting in my mind.