What’s Yo’ Beef #28

by Rachel


Menstrual cramps am I right? COME ON!


I really hope Rachel’s beef next week isn’t late co-blog posts, because damn, I totally missed yesterday.

My beef this week – as my colleagues who overhear me on the phone yelling at people all the time can attest to – is changing your name. I got married more than a year ago, and about two months ago, decided to apply for a new credit card, because I’m a grown-up now, and free movie points are sweet, but free money is sweeter. Anyway, the headache that comes with doing this is off the charts. I spoke to three different people, six different times, and these people just don’t know what the hell is going on half the time!

Get this – the official way to let the credit bureau know you’ve changed your name is to mail them a piece of paper that says you have. How is that official in any way?!

Dealing with shit over the phone. COME ON!