How To: Lose a Little Faith in Humankind

by Rachel

This is less a how to and more just a really strange story I want to tell.
Last weekend we went ice fishing with a bunch of friends on Saturday. We got home around 11pm. On Sunday we went to my sister in laws, leaving at 11am and returning at 4pm to have friends over for a couple of hours. My car hadn’t been used all weekend and was parked in our garage. With all the cold weather, unfortunately our garage door doesn’t close properly or lock and gets stuck so we have just been leaving it open for convenience.
Monday morning I go to get in the car (I have a 97 Camry), and my cassette tapes are out of my console and on my seat and the ashtray has been pulled out and strewn on the passenger seat. I texted my husband, thinking maybe he was looking for a car charger in a hurry (which doesn’t explain the ashtray but I hoped) and he said it wasn’t him.
I told one of the girls who was over Sunday night and she said when they left they noticed my interior light was on and the door was ajar so they shut it, which it wasn’t on Saturday night…
So, this means someone came into our garage, either Saturday night and we didn’t notice the light in the morning, or Sunday broad daylight when we were gone, went into my car obviously looking for money because only the console and ashtray were touched, and in the end stole 2 double cassettes of the Beatles and left! We have many more valuable things in our garage, I even had a swiss army knife in my car and Beatles tapes are what they chose… This is one terrible thief we have on our hands. If you’re going to do it, do it right. So now we have shut our man door permanently and can’t really use it because its too hard to open, we have to lock our big garage door and unlock anytime we want to get in from the outside or use our front door but have to put a planter in front of the screen when we leave because our screen door doesn’t shut properly. Thanks thief, for making us feel creeped out and paranoid. I hate you. Jokes on them though, one of the cassettes was in the tape deck.