What’s Yo’ Beef #27

by Rachel


Perma-B.O. The grossest. You put on a shirt fresh from the laundry, put deodorant on a fresh armpit, and an hour later you smell like B.O? Something is not adding up. It’s the buildup of the little bit of B.O. that doesn’t get washed out with each wash. Eventually, a perfectly good shirt otherwise, smells bad about 5 minutes in. And if you are someone who sweats a lot, the new sweat just empowers the stink more. The bad? You stink. The good? Time for new shirts!


Speaking of new shirts, my beef today is not knowing where to buy cool shit. I really love shopping most of the time (or, I hate it. It’s one or the other), but when I’m really in the mood, I just don’t know where to go in Toronto! Tell me your cool shopping stores, World!