What’s Yo’ Beef #26

by Rachel


I work in a clinic with a receptionist and people have to make appointments to see me. Very often people don’t show up for their appointments. This in itself is annoying (unless it’s the last client and I get to go home early), but what is enraging is when they try to blame it on us. “Oh, nobody called or emailed to remind me…” How old are you? 40? 50? Old enough, I’m sure, to take care of yourself. Our receptionists have 30-40 appointments to be aware of in a day and you can’t keep track of ONE?! Furthermore, with today’s phone technology, calendars and alerts that can be set, do we really need to be making phone calls to remind you about your appointment? Forget today’s technology, how about an AGENDA?!?! You forgot, I get that, but don’t try and blame others for it.


I donated blood last night, which has left me feeling pretty good. It was even pizza day, which I didn’t even know was a thing! The nurses were great, they raved about my iron intake (thank you, Vitamins), they even asked me for platelets because my blood type is so in demand (what up!).

All in all, it was a great time. Free food, free juice, I can read my Kobo while I’m donating, and yeah, it makes me feel like a good person. So today, I have two beefs. The first is people who don’t donate, but can. These are the people who aren’t afraid of needles, aren’t pregnant, or haven’t travelled lately, or whatever. The people who just don’t think of it, or who are too lazy. Now, I get it – it’s kind of inconvenient to go do it, and book the appointment, and keep it (though they call and remind you a lot. Rach, you’d love it!) But man, it’s so important to do. Think about if you or someone you knew needed blood, and they just didn’t get because people were too lazy to donate.

Second Beef – not letting gay people give blood. Now, I don’t know all the reasons why they don’t let gay people do it, and I’m not going to get political about it all, because I don’t know nearly enough about it. I’m just gonna say, the more donors, the better, right?

Also, the more donairs, the better.