How To: Play Canada Kings

by Rachel

Kings can sometimes get REALLY boring if you play the same old rules every time, so change the rules to fit with the theme of your party (because who has a party without a theme?)! We put up our Holiday Kings game, and now our Canada Kings game.

A: ‘Eh-ce’! Everybody cheers Eh!
2: Beaver eyes! Like snake eyes but beavers! When someone chooses a 2 DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT! Or you will have to drink.
3: Penny Hockey! If you can find a penny, make a small goal a few inches apart and shoot the penny with your finger. If it goes in give a drink, if it doesn’t, you drink.
4: Rob ‘Fourd’ impression! Do your best, and that’s all you have to do.
5: Canadians drink! Usually that’s everyone, but not always.
6: Say sorry 10 times fast… Its harder than you think! Then take a drink.
7: Point to the North. The last person to point takes a drink.
8: Nice Rack! This is a specialty rule. We had a set of deer antlers, and 8 pointer, so if you picked 8, you had to wear the antlers (we attached them to a headband), but you get to give one drink for every point on the antlers.
9: Categories! Only Canadian topics… Bands/musicians, water bodies, capital cities etc.
10: Heads or Tails? If you get this card you can either take a drink and move along to the next person OR make a bet. Flip a Looney, call heads or tails, and if you are right give 10 drinks, wrong, take ten drinks. Be responsible with this one.
J: Phonemaster! In honour of Alexander Graham Bell who invented the phone, its like thumb master but you do the ‘call me’ action instead.
Q: “I’m the Queen of England”. You must say this in Queen like voice while waving. That’s it.
K: Prime Minister! Just a Canadian name for question master. If you ask someone a question and they answer, they drink! Try to ask sneaky questions when people aren’t expecting it, like “do I have something in my teeth?”. This is my favourite rule.

Always remember, these are fun games but drink responsibly!