What’s Yo’ Beef #25

by Rachel


Sometimes, I wish we could do What’s Yo’ Beef everyday… I am backlogged with beefs right now! My beef this Friday is from last weekend… It all started Friday night when I took my wallet to go to dinner with my husband and friends. Naturally, I left my wallet in husbands truck when we went into the restaurant. HOWEVER, he planned to go fishing 2 hours from home the following morning, I planned to go visit Shannon in Toronto the following day and have a nice afternoon of a killer hip hop dance class and make some money massaging people: BUT I LEFT MY WALLET IN THE TRUCK! Luckily, he was just about to leave on his way back when I called, but I was not able to make it for the hip hop class, which brings me to my beef. Why, with today’s advanced technology, is it such a big deal to drive without that small piece of seemingly insignificant plastic? That’s all it is! Plastic! Why can’t I just tell the officer my name and birth date? They should be able to look it up without the card and know that I am a legitimate driver. COME ON technology… The odds of getting pulled over were low, I have been pulled over twice in my 12 years of driving, but Murphy’s law states “If Rachel drives knowing she doesn’t have her license, she will get pulled over”. Seriously, look it up.


Rachel’s beef is not only seriously legit, but also a good call to scientist’s everywhere, I think. It may possibly even rival my own invention of a hop-flavoured cologne.

My beef is with cardboard boxes today. I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been having a really hard time opening them. Did they change how they work? Is this just a crankity thing about getting older that I never knew of? Regardless, now, everytime I open a box of crackers or cereal or something, it looks like this: