How To: Actually Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolution

by Rachel

Enough of this quit smoking, eat healthy, exercise more, lose weight and be a nicer person… These are things that we all want to do, and should do, all the time in the never ending conquest to be better and look better and be healthier. It’s just too much pressure for a New Year’s Resolution.
I am a fan of resolving to learn something new, like juggling, which was my resolution 6 years ago, or how to make pie pastry (maybe next year?) or going to the dentist, which is my resolution this year. Since I moved almost two years ago I have not had the drive to go through the process of finding a new dentist. Ugh, who do you go to? New files, new X-rays, do they give good discounts if you don’t have coverage? So I just didn’t bother. That’s why this years resolution is to go to the Dentist. And guess what? I got an appointment with my old dentist in two weeks by luck of a last minute cancelation on the day I am going to be in the area.
And Bam, resolution (on its way to being) fulfilled.

You’re a raging anti-dentite Jerry! Soon you’ll be saying they should have their own schools! -Cosmo Kramer