What’s Yo’ Beef #17

by Rachel

Finally it’s What’s Yo’ Beef Friday!


My beef today is long ass weeks. For no particular reason, this week seems to be dragging on and on, and I didn’t even work that much! Friday has felt like it’s been a long time coming… But, the weekend isn’t here just yet. Just a little 5 hour break from work, then back for a 3pm appointment, THEN it’s the weekend, huzzah! Also, when the maple syrup cap sticks… COME ON!


My beef today might literally be because of beef. Mostly, it’s about being a fatty. Now, I don’t mean in a self-pity, “I’ma put myself down so you can give me a compliment” kind of fatty. I mean like, I ate more pizza than I should have at lunch kind of fatty, and now I have to loosen my belt at the office and hope that nobody calls me about it.

And now I’m going to have more pizza, because I’m comfortable with myself. And my belt size.