What’s Yo’ Beef #16

by Shannon


Guys, I have very little beef today. I mean, it’s just been a wonderful day so far… I asked the Cootie Catcher I made a couple days ago if today was going to be a great day, and it said “100%.” It has not been wrong. I received a free chai latte from Starbucks (medium!), I’m going to lunch at WVRST, and I’m listening to a 90s Best Of playlist. What could be better?

Actually, wait! I do have a beef. I went to pour my Cinnamon Toast Crunch this morning and there was no milk, and I had to pour it back in the box. And that sucked. Cereal when you don’t have milk! COME ON!


I can’t say I have much beef today either… I got a surprise day off. Amazing. We had a hot tub party with friends last night, so relaxing. I felt very organized this week too so there’s not much beef to be had. Although, Shannon’s beef reminds me of something that happened yesterday. When my husband uses milk he either leaves a teeny bit or empties it and doesn’t refill with a new bag. This on its own is annoying because I always end up having to change it. So yesterday I had just enough for the leftover granola I had for breakfast and I said ‘I am not changing that milk bag, husband can learn a lesson’. So I forgot about it and then while making dinner last night I needed some damn milk and ended up having to change it anyways! COME ON! So the lesson is, don’t be petty because it will bite you in the butt later. Or, just make absolute sure you don’t need the milk again before your husband does.