What’s Yo’ Beef #13

by Rachel


Well friends, winter seems to be upon us. You might be thinking my beef on this snowy Friday is about the weather, but it’s just a weather related beef about me. I  am a late person… Actually no, not a late person but an exactly on time person, which doesn’t leave a lot of leeway for unexpected holdups on the way to work. Because of this, my beef for today is that first snow fall where you totally forget to take into account the time it takes to brush the snow off your car and then you walk into work late. Damn.


With Halloween being so recently behind us, and my costume so totally kick-ass (I went as a sea lion, complete with a gemstone bikini top and a fur diaper, because of course), my beef today is about wigs. No, not not wearing them, of course (idiot), but how I can’t wear them more often. I love wigs! Why can’t I wear my blue shiny one to work? Sure, not when partners are around, but maybe just on Friday’s? Because you know what, they make me feel super good.