What’s Yo’ Beef #10

by Shannon

Well, well, well. It’s our 10th What’s Yo Beef post already! Let’s dig right in, shall we?


My beef is pasta. Man, just pasta. It has everything going for it – it’s versatile, easy to make, quick to make, and just dirt cheap. So why does it have to be so shitty for you? And what the hell else am I supposed to make for lunch at work the next day other than just boiling up some pasta? Get healthy already, pasta! COME ON!


What is the deal with people cancelling plans? Just keep the plans, man. Otherwise, you’ll have people insanely pissed at you because they have to find alternate people to attend your stuff, and it’s a real bitch. It’s a good thing that the event in question, if, of course, I was referring to a specific event, is Octoberfest in Waterloo, and it’s going to be such a blast that nothing could mar this wonderful, wonderful day. COME ON (and let’s go to Octoberfest)!