What’s Yo Beef #9

by Shannon


Guys, I’ve had such a totally awesome week that today my beef isn’t about shitty people on the TTC, or annoying stuff people do. Nay. It’s about myself guys. And it’s how my brain just doesn’t function well enough to completely memorize all the words to Nicki Minaj’s Superbass. Also, it’s about how it’s not cool to sing out loud at work. Actually, wait, that’s gonna be my beef, I’m switching it up!

I want to sing out loud at work! And I work in a super open concept place, so I can’t do it without looking all weird, especially since I don’t know all the words, as previously mentioned. But I feel it inside me, you know? And I just want to let it go, out into the world. So here’s to singing out loud. I hope all my coworkers read this and are all, “Shannon, we’ve just been waiting for someone to start it off, let’s totally all sing out loud when we want to.”


My beef is not when people say I look tired, because I know its out of concern more than people just being dumb, but the fact that I am a night owl, with terrible sleep patterns. Staying up late for me is like an addiction.

My husband is having a hard time quitting smoking and I always have a hard time understanding why. When I look at my sleep patterns I see similar habits in myself, and have a super hard time changing my ways, so I am slowly beginning to understand. I will think things like ‘OK, starting Monday I am going to start going to bed, lights out, by eleven’… I will do so well for a few days and then the weekend hits, and after that I’m off the wagon. Partying is not good for smokers or night owls to break their habits. Cigarettes make smokers feel like crap, staying up too late makes me feel like crap, yet he smokes on and I keep staying up late watching crappy movies and repeats. I also use it as a reward sometimes… ‘I’ve worked hard all week and tomorrow I have the morning off. I think I’ll stay up late tonight’. Now, its becoming a problem. I’ll have to start working a little harder to quit my habit… But I have a bachelorette and wedding this weekend, so I’ll start Sunday.