How To: Throw A Nation Themed Party – Cuba Edition

by Rachel

I love countries. Unfortunately, I have only been to two other ones other than Canada: U.S. and Cuba. I have never gone anywhere super cool in the states, but Cuba, by golly, it’s great there! So after our February best friend couple trip to Cuba in February, we decided this summer, we’d bring Cuba to Canada and have a ballin’ Cuba themed party at my pool friend’s pool. All you have to do is EVERYTHING CUBA! Examples:

DRINKS: We won a couple bottles of Cuban rum, what up? It was like we were THERE! I shall include the fat Cuban cigar we acquired while there too. Goes down… smooth?

FOOD: We tried to go as tropical as possible given the limitations in Canada. Pineapple was the closest we could get, but since we ate a lot of mini pizza’s when we were there, we had some homemade mini pizza’s. Also sausage, since they eat a lot of pig down there. Ok, so the food thing was a little tough with this country since they try to serve North American food at the resorts.

ACTIVITIES: We had really awesome entertainment staff at the resort so we played all kinds of games that they made up for us, including water balloon volleyball and knocking down cups of water with a tennis ball. We also did the limbo! Also, those short 11am dance lessons sure came in handy for our Cuba party too.

DECOR: The flag of the celebrated country is really the only thing you need to do. But we also put up some English to Spanish translated phrases for fun! Ola! Como Estas?  YO soy buena! Tiene bonitos abs.

MUSIC: We had a couple of cd’s from the house bands of the resorts we’ve been too, and I downloaded 40 of the top Cuban hits from iTunes for $5.99! Can’t go wrong…

COSTUMES/DRESS: Obviously, it was bathing suits and beach cover ups for this party. I don’t even know why I take clothes to Cuba.

Limbo! Ola! flags and limbo!

Next themes on the docket: Germany and Canada!

Me encanta Cuba! ❤