How To: Let Your Parents Make Your Day

by Shannon

Step One: While you’re majorly stressing your bones out at work, have your mom call you with the important news that the chocolate companies are on the tail end of a class-action lawsuit for unfairly raising chocolate bar prices, and if you go to a certain website and vouch that you spent at least $1,000 on chocolate between the years of 2005 – 2012, they will send you $50.

Step Two: Follow step one by posting something on Facebook about how parents don’t know what their kids jobs really are. Proceed to wait 30 seconds until your dad posts something about kids never want to talk to their parents when they come from school and only want to talk on the phone to their friends, then they go out and don’t tell their parents who with.

Step Three: Comment on how your Dad really ran with that one. Wait 10 seconds until he comments about a Beatles picture he bought online that arrived that day.

And there you have it. Your parents have inadvertently made you realise that your stressy-outty job is just small bananas compared to the wonderfulness that is their life. Go ahead, let that smile light up your face.

Parents. Am I right?