How To: Make a Delicious Campfire Dinner

by Rachel

They are called Mountain Pies. I had never had them, or even heard of them until about 2 months ago camping with some friends, and I haven’t been able to get them out of my head since. It’s a cast iron mold that you put a slice of bread on one side, put in some pizza toppings (or whatever toppings you wish), then put the other slice on top, close the mold, and stick it in the campfire. And it’s one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted.


You can experiment with different combinations for fillings. Pizza is the go to and is super delicious. Use sauce and cheese and whatever pizza toppings you like. It comes out like a little pizza pocket! We also did a breakfast version, you can put a raw egg in and it will cook through! Plus, a meat (which I would cook first if it’s raw) and cheese etc. I have also tried strawberries and brie for a nice breakfast or dessert version. We tried a s’more version with bananas, which was delicious but it’s hard to keep all the marshmallow in and finally, mars bar chunks. Delectable. Man, it was a feast of a camping dinner and totally worth buying the moulds. They are about $25 at TSC stores, but if you catch them on sale you can get them for about $16-17.

Your camping dinners will never be the same!

There’s Always Gonna Be Another Mountain Pie