How To: Make Your Own Slip and Slide!

by Rachel

We will never be too old for slip and slide, but we might be too old for the teeny tiny skinny little kid slip and slides. Unfortunately, slip and slides are made for children and an adult ultimate version hasn’t been produced (at least not to my knowledge). So what do you do? Make your own!

What you’ll need:

  • Tarps (make sure they are finely woven tarps to reduce friction) OR sheets of plastic
  • Dish soap OR baby shampoo (no tears!)
  • Pegs (to pin down your tarps and plastic so it doesn’t fly up)
  • A source of water (a hose and sprinkler is easiest)

If you are really adventurous, you may want to find a hill too.

Step 1: Set up your tarps. After setting the up the first one, put the edge of the second one underneath the first one, the edge of the third one under the second one, and so on.

Step 2: Put lots of soap all over EVERY tarp.

Step 3: Hose it down.

Step 4: Put a little bit of soap and water on your body to reduce friction.

Step 5: Slip.

Step 6: Slide.

Step 7: Repeat.

slip and slide 1dawn

This is the first version, the white tarp was perfect, the blue tarp too rough and kind of stopped you dead in your tracks. The yellow is just kind of off on it’s own, too short and no one wants to go on it. For this one we used DAWN, which worked pretty good until….

slip and slidebaby shampoo!

We upgraded the slip AND the slide, making it slightly more challenging and more slippery. We used the yellow to our advantage; it’s narrower so you have to try and stay on it until you get to the wider, which we kept the white tarp, and added a sheet of smooth plastic. We switched to baby shampoo (we ran out of dish soap) but it was good because it stays slippery longer, and you also get clean in the process. So, collect your things and adjust as needed!

Next year, we upgrade to bigger, longer, slippery-er and slidey-er…

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