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What’s Yo’ Beef Friday, #2

by Rachel

It’s Friday! Which means time to relax for the weekend, but also get off your chest something that might have been bothering you this week. It’s What’s Yo’ Beef Friday!!!


My beef is when you see a really sweet craft online, or in a magazine, or on a tv show, and then you try to do it and it’s soooooo hard and looks kind of crappy. COME ON!


My beef is when you are so busy with work that you don’t pack until an hour before you leave for the airport (to go to Amsterdam no less), and are afraid you’ll forget something important, like your passport. Or hair product. COME ON!

How To: Wonder If You’re Cursed

by Shannon

The day before you go on vacation, you wind up at the optometrist’s with an eye infection.

This is the second time it’s happened.

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