How To: Have A Great Theatre Experience

by Shannon

Just go see The To-Do List, because it’s really fantastic. Seriously, look at this cast list below. Every time someone came on the screen, I was all, Whoa, they’re sooooooo funny.

– Aubrey Plaza
– Donald Glover
– Bill Hader
– Christopher Mintz-Plasse
– Alia Shawkat (Maeby from Arrested Development. Come on!)
– Rachel Bilson
– Andy Samberg
– D.C. Pierson
– Dominic Dierkes (with Donald Glover and the guy above, the guys from Derrick Comedy. They are the best)

Awesome, awesome movie. It reminds me of the Snogging Scale lists that Rachel and I used to keep, and how we’d tally up our total scores to determine if we were being slutty or not. Don’t worry, we weren’t. We were just making up for lost time, because we were very responsible in high school.

Thanks She Does The City for hooking me up with some sweet, sweet tickets. And thanks God, for inventing movie theatre popcorn.

I’ve never met a woman in my life who would give up sex for lunch