How To: Have a Really Great Tuesday

by Rachel

It really helps if you have Tuesdays off. So, take the day off!

Take that Groupon you bought for a cool salon uptown (Creative Touch), and get a haircut that you actually LOVE! I thought the short bangs were an accident at first, but I am totally loving them.

When finished there, go to that old used bookstore up the street you’ve been meaning to go to (Old Goat Books) and find a couple books that you’ve been needing to complete some of your sets (Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix, Anne of Avonlea, antique book).

Debate with yourself going into that vintage boutique on the corner (Meow Boutique), ultimately deciding “who am I kidding, of course I’ll go in” . Look at all the beautiful vintage dresses… then try one on. It fits perfectly, and even though you already have a dress for that wedding at the end of the month, this one will be much more suitable for a summer wedding.  This is the dress!

After you already think you’ve spent enough money, 7 more dollars won’t hurt at the thrift store on the way home… so worth it for the vintage globe and cool purple jug you found.

Then, you put everything away as if it’s been in your house for years, so that maybe, just maybe, your husband won’t really notice.