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Month: July, 2012

How To: Be Completely Satisfied

by Shannon

Order the exact amount of prosciutto from the deli for your sandwich.

Not too much. Not too little.


How To: Become (Ironically) Indignant

by Shannon

Stop following someone on Twitter because they seriously tweet like every 20 minutes throughout the day, then be surprised and righteous when they stop following you back.

How To: Make Your Boyfriend Do Dishes For You

by Shannon

Get a bikini wax. He owes you.

How To: Turn That Frown Upside Down

by Shannon

Remember that you bought another tube of toothpaste a few months ago and it’s been hidden in a bathroom drawer, and now you can brush your teeth this morning.

How To: Recognize You Have Anger Issues

by Shannon

Come in 9th place in a Mario Kart tournament.

The controller was really sticky though, so you probably actually got something like 3rd.

How To: Feel Attractive

by Shannon

Be the only girl at the party.

How To: Deal With Pain

by Shannon

Step away from the speakers at the concert you’re at.

How To: Feel Guilty

by Shannon

Go a day without updating your blog.

How To: Induce Vomitting

by Shannon

Ride every roller coaster Canada’s Wonderland has to offer.

Eat chicken fingers.


How To: Have The Perfect Wednesday

by Shannon


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