How To: Get Your Dad Mad At You When You’re 12

by Shannon

Ask your Dad if you can go to the Dunsford Dance at the community centre. This will get him a good “base” mad, because he won’t want you to  go, but he’ll feel too bad to not let you.

During dinner the night of the dance, when he asks you if you’re planning to wear a shirt that tucks in, tell him yes. Proceed to go put on a belly top (that does not, obviously, tuck in), and hide a shirt (that does tuck in) in the bathroom cupboard. Put your coat on and run into your friend’s mom’s van, which is waiting outside.

Have a great time at the dance.

When you get home and your Dad meets you at the door, tell him you have to go to the bathroom so bad you can’t be bothered to take off your coat. When he tells you this is silly, and take off your coat right now, try to hide the fact you’re wearing a belly shirt. When it doesn’t work, you have succeeded, and your Dad is now really mad at you.